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    The Lost Shapes - iPhone Game Trailer

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    Appstore Description:


    ★ Shape Mode: Build shapes through 30 levels, starting with simple shapes to intricate, more decorated ones.
    ★ Survival Mode: Create as many intricate shapes as possible without filling up the game board and before the tile queue fills up!
    ★ Magic for building: Tiles used to make shapes can also feature stars, the sun, or the moon that must be matched to complete a shape and raise the score.
    ★ Magic for helping: Bomb tiles blow the obstacles away, freeze tiles gain you some time, and nuke tiles clear the board.
    ★ Magic for challenging: Locked tiles cannot be moved once placed. Numbered tiles can be used more than once.
    ★ Game Center for magicians: Game Center compatibility for master wizards to post high scores!