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    Sleep EZ Online Reviews


    by sleepez12

    THIS LATEX MATTRESS IS EVERYTHING YOU SAID IT WOULD BE---GOOD COMPANY YOU ARE!!! I just got a bed from you two months ago. I weigh 370 pounds and my bed was pretty broken down. Because this latex mattress is so comfortable and feels so good to sleep on it has inspired me to take really good care of it. I'm making some changes in my life to become healthier and I'm working with a nutritionist and a exercise trainer now. I've lost 22 pounds since shortly after I received my mattress. This bed is everything you said it would be and most important for me is that even though I'm really overweight this latex mattress supports me. Thanks for starting me on a good path with your fine product. And thanks for talking with me to explain about the mattress and what I needed. Good company you are.Samson

    Great Falls, MT