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    06. The Proxy - Becoming a Hero


    by TheProxy


    Episode 6 of new 10 part sci-fi/thriller: The Proxy – Ashen becomes a hero

    Certified by the BBFC as 12

    New episode every day until 17.03.12

    Watch all 10, follow the clues, enter the codes and win prizes with Alienware (including a fighter jet experience and 3 night luxury stay in Paris, Alienware X51 systems and 100 other Alienware accessories)

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    Episode 6: The Proxy – Becoming A Hero

    Tom flicks on his lighter, he is trapped in an enclosed space, he starts to panic. Screaming for help, but to no avail. We see the box from the outside, it sits alone in an otherwise empty room. No one can hear Tom’s screams.

    Stuart Ashen is bundled into a room and forced to sit down by one of the proxies. Questioning what they want with him; he is; “just some bloke from Norwich that reviews tat”. Hoping that they are not from Poundland.

    Stuart and Leon start talking. Leon reveals that he is not the original, not the archetype, Detective Leon Stadt. He is a purpose built infiltrator, a puppet on strings.

    Sarah appears, Leon recognizes her she’s the one. Leon has heard that she has certain abilities, one that have ‘him’ worried. Leon seems amazed at Sarah. While he continues talking Ashen notices a gun has been left unattended by him, his inner hero taking over. As Leon gets closer to Sarah, the proxy pushes him away. Leon draws his gun and points it at the proxy.

    Stuart, the hero, has grabbed the other gun and insists that the other ‘clam down’. Leon seems impressed, starts babbling about free choice, no programming, no end date. Leon sits down, his eyes glow blue, his head bows. He’s gone.

    What will happen next? What are these powers that Sarah is meant to have? Who has Sarah got ‘worried’? What will happen next? Come back tomorrow for episode 7 of The Proxy.