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Zambosi are three musicians from Vsetin, Honza Zamboch (that's where Zambosi came from), Stana Zambochova and Juri Nedavaska. These three and their vehicle "Snow-white" leave their homes week after week to please the auditory in faraway places of the country and sometimes even further, from As in the west to Trinec in the east. A guitar, an accordion, two singing voices and the drums, together make a relaxing atmosphere in a tearoom as well as they are able to demolish the ruins (remains) of the Strahov stadium by using their energy. They were awarded for their first album with Angel Award (Czech Pop Music Academy Award). They were awarded for their second album with another Angel Award. At the moment they are working on the third album. There is the manager and music producer Zeno Vaclavik in the backround of all of this. He is always seen with two mobiles in his ears and all fingers and toes on the keyboards.

Zambosi play their own repertoire that is written in 96,43% by Honza Zamboch. Their songs are most often called folk chanson, but Zambosi do not bother. They released the album To se to hraje... (It is easy to play...) in 2006 and album Prituhuje (It's getting cold) in 2009. They got the highest possible award for both of them -- The Angel Award, an award from the Czech Pop Music Academy. Honza is happy, because he takes it as a good sign, that his music is of a good quality, Stana has mixed feelings, because she has to dust the statuettes. Jura is half happy, because he was not part of Zambosi, when they got the first Angel.

Zambosi perform in clubs, at festivals, in tearooms, in culture houses, in chapels, churches, castles and chateaus, monasteries, in vaults or by a dam. You can listen to them on the radio, you can watch them on TV or on the internet. So far they have performed in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia (3 parts of the Czech Republic), in Slovakia, in Spain, in Poland and even in Liberec. They can play for example in your living room, if you plan to have a nice evening with your friends or you would like to solve your neighborhood problems forever.

More info at: http://www.zambosi.cz/en

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