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    Iran cleaning up nukes?

    Concerns continue to grow with Iran: Satellite images of an Iranian
    military facility show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site,
    indicating that crews were trying to clean it of radioactive traces
    possibly left by tests of a nuclear-weapon trigger. The assertions,
    which came from diplomats, all nuclear experts accredited to the
    International Atomic Energy Agency, could add to the growing
    international pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, which Tehran
    insists is for peaceful purposes. An Israeli official claims satellite
    images that raised suspicions Iran is trying to conceal a key nuclear
    test, back Israel's concerns that Tehran is developing an atomic bomb.
    While the US and the EU are backing a sanctions-heavy approach, Israel
    has warned that it may resort to a pre-emptive strike against Iran's
    nuclear facilities to prevent it from obtaining atomic weapons.