Lost - (Cover Version)

David Michael Cullen
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This is my 'Cover version' of 'Lost'..a song Originally written and recorded by Michael Buble. This is most certainly a song that I wished I could have written....wonderful melody and lyrics. I don't play the guitar in this song....it is there only for comfort...as I'm not at all used to singing without a guitar in my hand. Hope you like my version....Thanks...Best Regards...Dave

**There is NO intended infringement of copyright of this song that belongs to the writer(s) or owner(s). This DVD/Audio is not for sale or gain by profit...and was made solely for the hoped for enjoyment of the General Public**


How nice...Thank you Olivia.....Dave
By David Michael Cullen 2 years ago
Many thanks for your nice comment Olivia.....Best regards....Dave
By David Michael Cullen 2 years ago
Thank you Alice....Really appreciate your comment....and you taking the time to look and listen....Best Regards....Dave
Dziękuję Alice .... Naprawdę dziękujemy za komentarz .... a czas poświęcony na patrzeć i słuchać .... Pozdrawiam .... Dave
By David Michael Cullen 3 years ago
   | (¯ˆ¯)--,
   .´¯’^^‘(¯ˆ¯)’^^‘´ )
 (¯ˆ¯)/´´ ’^^‘ __ (¯ˆ¯)--,
  ’^^‘(¯ˆ¯) _(¯ˆ¯)’^^‘(¯ˆ¯)
 (¯ˆ¯) ’^^‘ _ ’^^‘(¯ˆ¯)’^^‘
  ’^^‘ _(¯ˆ¯)     ’^^‘
  (¯ˆ¯) ’^^‘
  ’^^‘_ ▒(¯ˆ¯)  
    (¯ˆ¯) ’^^‘           
     ’^^‘_▒ (¯ˆ¯)         
      (¯ˆ¯)▒ ’^^‘  Rewelacyjny klip.
Pozdrawiam cieplutko     
By pilvii 3 years ago
Thanks once again Josy.....Really appreciate your kind comment....Have a lovely week.....Best Regards...Dave
Merci une fois de plus Josy..... apprécions vraiment votre gentil commentaire .... Vous avez une très bonne semaine ..... Cordialement ... Dave
By David Michael Cullen 3 years ago
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