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    Is Lucifer a Fallen Angel?

    Jim Brayshaw

    by Jim Brayshaw

    Satan, the Devil, Demons, Hell; all of those ideas came from somewhere. But where? It is no secret that the Christian doctrine of Satan and Hell come from the belief that Satan was once Lucifer. Tradition claims Lucifer was a pride-filled angel that was cast from heaven because of his rebellion. But is that true? Is that story even found in the Bible? what if the real story that mentions Lucifer isn't talking about an angel at all?

    In this unprecedented examination of Satan, author and speaker, James R. Brayshaw lays down the first building block towards understanding the Biblical satan. We want you to find out what religion has missed in the teaching about Satan.
    Brayshaw leaves no stone unturned in his four volume work and this introductory video begins the process that has illuminated thousands to the truth about Lucifer.

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