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    by Tollywood

    Bharya Bharthala Bandham is complete family entertainer filled with lot of emotions directed by VB Rajendra Prasad released in the year 1985.Akkineni nageshwar rao plays a key role in the movie, Nandamuri Balakrishna acts as his Nephew.Coming intothe story ANR gets married to jayasudha as they love each other and they are blessed with a child Rajani.But ANR gets irritated with her attitude she carries with his family members So they get separated but he will be woking in her company in the mean while meets balakrishna who comes to the city for a job ANR takes advantage of balakrishna and tells him that he will provide him a job and takes him to his house later he gets to know that balakrishna is his nephew he feels very happy and tells balakrishna to love rajani in order to teach lesson to jayasudha. The whole story revolves around three characters how he teaches lesson to jayasudha and marries rajani following with hilarious comedy its a must watch!!!