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    Just Brakes Kissimmee FL

    THEY CAN WORK WITH YOU!! Good Job!! When they finally sat me down to discuss price, the first quote was about $1000. I started crying--I only had $800 to my name. When I started to cry, they looked at me and said, we can se we've upset you--don't worry--we can work with you

    TODD HAD IT COMPLETELY CHECKED OUT Took it back in and Todd had it completely checked out. Apparently the metallic pads were not suited to my HHR so they put ceramic pads on. They re-turned the rotors, lightly sanded the read drum shoes and re-tested. No more squeak. NO CHARGE.

    EXPLAINED TO ME HOW IT ALL WORKED!!!! Despite the fact that there was a lot wrong with my brakes, I knew they weren't scamming me--they showed me up-close the wear and tear that was on my breaks, and explained to me how it all worked. All while being completely polite and friendly.