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    The Mob Fixing Freedom // (BalconyTV)


    by BalconyTV

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    The Mob Fixing Freedom exists since 2009. The band formed around a performance artist Magdalena Chowaniec from Poland has played since in Germany, Austria and Poland.
    In 2010 TMFF keeps on going with a new drummer and storms viennese locations like Pandoras Box, Marea Alta, BRUT Künstlerhaus, Weberknecht (Bamboo Night), WUK Foyer and MQ Halle G.
    In April 2010 they record their first album at Wurlitzerstudios in Vienna.

    TMFF's roots lay in the UK/US punk rock of the 70s and 90s (NOFX, The Clash) and they reach much further towards indie avantgarde rock (Joy Division, Sonic Youth).
    The Mob Fixing Freedom continues old punks' tradition in their use of political and social aware texts, partially written by murdered Afghani poet Nadja Anjuman (1980-2005) as well as by the singer Magdalena Chowaniec.
    Together with Joe Albrecht on bass and Erich Horn on guitar, TMFF took up the fight for a survival of the punk attitude ourdays.

    Just fall apart fixing freedom!!!