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    United Kingdom Talk Monday 12th March 2012

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Monday's talk show.
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    Katie was at the vet on Friday.
    The 21st birthday on Saturday.
    Great uncle Chris.
    Blood test.
    People arriving late for parties.
    Sorry kids, over 14 ? You're boring now.
    A little human being.
    The "Thank You" brigade on Facebook.
    Don't touch that foreign food.
    Fully clothed in a pond.
    People giving "illness" advice.
    Sell by dates.
    Bright lycra.
    Don't worry about sounding like an idiot.
    Smell it first.
    The other prisoners will get them.
    Overweight cyclists.
    An old cream cake.
    Jennifers onions.
    Do you hide your emotions ?
    More gardening.
    Bran flakes too expensive in Sainsburys. Off to Aldi.
    Attacked by slugs.
    They've got baskets !