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    Auto Safety Center Things to consider when replacing your vehicles timing belt.


    by AutoSafetyCenter

    Auto Safety Center 444 North Main Street West Bend, WI 53090 (262) 334-7241. Timing belt replacement typically is performed every 90 - 105,000 miles. While it may be tempting to cut cost, and just replace the timing belt. Don't forget to consider the other parts like the water pump, belt idler pulleys, belt tensioner pulleys or the belt tensioner that are prone to wear. Ask yourself the question will these parts make it another 100,000 miles? If they don't what are the consequences? Is this an interference engine? (Likely to suffer internal engine damage if the engines timing belt loosens or breaks.) Here is an example that came in on the tow truck. Ford ZX2 with 192,000 miles on it. Belt had been replaced, but the other components were untouched and didn't make it. Lucky for the owner no internal engine damage was done and a new timing belt component kit fixed it right up.