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    It's time to fight

    Rasean Blyden

    by Rasean Blyden


    The time for playing around is over
    These people are serious
    Aint no more playing
    It's time to form an army
    Army of revolutioneries
    And take them out, that is the only way
    we can defeat this evil we must take them out
    Plain and simple, don't you understand

    My life experience has been a test
    Now it's time for me to put it to the test
    And bring forth my best
    Short in size but God give me the strenth
    That's monster size, and I see the hate all around me
    They all try to scare me but no fear in my eyes
    God made me a Warrior B, Turtle my best friend inspires me
    He puts his life on the line for our country
    God bless the USA that's right yes you heard me
    Republicans and Democrats are all the same
    Playing deadly politician game, spending our money like thier insane
    It makes me so mad

    Left,Right Left, Right It's time to fight
    It's time to fight
    (Repeat 4 times)