Renegade "Recession Made" Millionaire By Dan Kennedy: The Renegade "Recession Made" Millionaire Part 1

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  • Add to You want more customers, but buyers are overly cautious because the media says the economy is hurting. Nonsense. Marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, has done the research for you, and shows how history proves NOW is your biggest opportunity to be crowned a millionaire. Forget what the majority of people are being led to believe, and get instant access to Dan's free, Renegade “Recession Made” Millionaire video series.

In the Renegade "Recession Made" Millionaire is your four-episode collection, you will discover: the true source of ALL wealth, the best "bait" for attracting customers,why the Recession is your golden ticket and why you do not want a “list” of prospects.

Attraction. Interest. Commitment. Conditioned behavior & response. These are not just the ingredients for amazing personal relationships, but are the same ones you must mix together when making profitable customer connections.