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    Heel Pain Treatment - Chiropodist - Sarnia, London, Chatham, ON


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    Heel Pain Treatment - Chiropodist in Sarnia, London and Chatham, ON

    Chiropodist Jamie Maczko of Mazcko Chiropody and Orthotic discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Heel Pain.
    Painful Heels
    Heels may become painful for numerous reasons. Shoes that are worn out or poorly fitted are often the main cause of blisters on the back of the heel, or bursitis at the attachment of the Achilles tendon to the calcaneus (heel bone). Other painful heel conditions include: Achilles Tendonitis; Heel Spurs, Haglunds Deformity (pump bumps) and Plantar Fasciitis. A biomechanical evaluation is often necessary to determine the cause of painful heels and to provide a treatment plan to resolve/control it.

    Plantar Fasciitis
    Is a very common problem involving the bottom surface of the heel and the long arch. Pain usually begins as a dull ache and may progress to a sharp persistent ache. Often it is worse in the morning when a person rises out of bed or upon