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    Emily Loizeau "Je ne sais pas choisir"

    George Kaplan

    par George Kaplan

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    que du bonheur en live !
    Par austynIl y a 7 ans
    I've listened to this at least 10 times. The melody is so simple and childlike, yet the words hit a chord in me that drives me to understand. The song goes from the ordinary to life and death. First it's choosing or not choosing company, then it's ordering the right meal, but then it's choosing life over death. The transition is so simple and is done in such a way that one laughs.

    One sees that when it's rough sometimes throwing ourselves from the bridge is the simplest solution, but life is beautiful so maybe things won't be so bad. But when people try to tell us that life is beautiful in light of the evidence, why fight the lie, just throw yourself from the bridge - but life is beautiful. It's circular thinking.

    And if you could die on a Wednesday morning, why not delay death till Thursday morning. However, on Thursday morning you can wish you had died on Wednesday, but you're still free to choose to die tomorrow morning if you live. Beautiful!
    Par fuzzylogic0208Il y a 7 ans
    acar rent
    C'est génial...
    Par acar rentIl y a 8 ans
    aaah ! alors j'hésite... oui je vais l'acheter ! je connaissais le nom sans m'y être interessé. J'M !
    Par maruraIl y a 8 ans
    Mais quel plaisir d'entendre ce jeune talent !
    Merci F-A pour cette invitation à ce joyeux concert.
    L'indécision ? une grande qualité féminine....
    Bravo à cet excellent trio.
    Par midu92Il y a 8 ans
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