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    01. The Proxy - USB


    by TheProxy

    Episode 1 of new 10 part sci-fi / thriller: The Proxy.

    Certified by BBFC 12

    New episode every day until 17.03.12

    Watch all 10, follow the clues, enter the codes and win prizes with Alienware (including a fighter jet experience and 3 night luxury stay in Paris, Alienware X51 systems and 100 other Alienware accessories)

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    The Proxy starts with YouTube star Stuart Ashen opening a strange parcel that has been delivered to him by mistake, instead of his neighbor Tom Bishop. Inside he finds what looks like a standard USB stick with PGB Logistics written on one side and a URL (pgblogistics/help) on the other. When Stuart opens the files on the USB he sees what appears to be people’s medical information. At this point two men burst into Ashen’s flat, knock him and his computer over, before punching him in the stomach. While the two men search his flat Stuart is able to escape. One man goes after him, the other takes a close loom at the computer and the webcam captures him taking off his sunglasses, his eyes glow blue, the screen goes dead. Who are they? What is on the USB Ashen’s now has in his possession? And what is up with that guy's eyes...? The Proxy continue tomorrow

    Stuart Ashen Ashens
    Daisy Head Sarah
    Tom Colley Tom Bishop
    Nathaniel Parker Peter Baker

    Sule Rimi Leon Stadt
    Steve Coleman Trenchcoat # 1
    Oliver Lanford Trenchcoat # 2
    Beau Fowler Trenchcoat # 3
    Harry Partridge Crazy Man
    Elly Garrod Nurse
    Conor Jatter Passerby