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    Der Rhein, Rheinschiffe und ein bischen Eisenbahn gegenüber von Unkel 002

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    Gefilmt am 03.04.09 beim Unkelbachtal gegenüber des Örtchens Unkel am Rhein.

    Filmed at the Unkel River Valley oposite the litte town of Unkel at the river Rhine.
    I found out that from the Unkelbach Valley behind me came once a little narrow gauge basalt steam railway down from the village Unkelbach. It was called the "Unkelbacher Basaltbähnchen". It carried basalt from the Eifel volcano area down to the river Rhine and to the ships which were waiting there. There was an extra tunnel below the standard gauge tracks for this railway. The tunnel and the railway disappeared in the middle of the 1950´s when the B9 street was transfered up this concrete bridge in the video.