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    212 vues Oregon PowerSharp® system is an easy to use, precision chainsaw sharpening tool that gives chainsaw users the power to sharpen their own chainsaw chain in a matter of seconds with a simple attachment.This will take your chainsaws chain from dull to sharp in as little as 3 seconds. This lightweight sharpener is small enough for arborists and farmers to take out in the field and sharpen chains on the job and gives homeowners the confidence to keep their chainsaw chains in top condition easily and effectively. The PowerSharp® system consists of a chain, a bar and a bar-mount sharpener. It's as easy as putting the sharpener on the blade and pressing the tip of the sharpener into a solid surface for a few seconds, bringing the unique top-cutting cutters into contact with the sharpening stone, thanks to a diamond-coated dresser link. There's no better way to get a sharp chain than with PowerSharp®. More info on www.powers