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    Part 74 - part three - Slovenia 2011 - Slowenien 2011 - Communism - Kommunismus - New Yugoslavia

    Bastian Auser

    by Bastian Auser

    On this video about so called "Slovenia" where I stayed from November 19th 2010 to very today in November 2011 !!! SITUATION NO DIFFERENT FROM 18 MONTH PERIOD IN 2006, 2007, and 2008 UPON MY(prior to this abductions have taken place) FIRST RETURN FROM UNITED STATES AFTER 11.5 YEARS(returned to be jobless and even assassinated in a car plot).

    MORE ABOUT ABOUT POLICE(government) STALKING AND FALSE FISHING LICENSE CHARGES TO GET ME BEHIND BARS WHERE I COULD BE KILLED IN ADDITION TO FALSE INTERNET CHARGES AS DESCRIBED IN PREVIOUS VIDEO(government idea is to simply murder person for whom money is due after engaging in severe genocide against one...human rights organizations as well as other governments are heavily involved in it as described/recorded/documented...they share very same responsibility for crimes) AND CLOSEST FAMILY MEMBERS INVOLVED IN THIS VERY CRIME AGAINST ME(about bonds or common interests to see me dead at all costs between them and government).