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    BR143 wartet mit Dostos vorm Bf Bad Hönningen auf Vorbeifahrt BR425 nach Neuwied

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    Gefilmt am 27.08.09 am südwärtigen Ortseingang von Bad Hönningen.

    The BR143 is waiting because there are trackworks going on in the station Bad Hönningen.
    The whole station Bad Hönningen is full of track workers. If I see the situation right, they are building a very long siding for new very long trains. At the same time they are replacing the wooden sleepers and used up old tracks with concrete sleepers and new tracks. Those new tracks seem to be new generation heavy-load tracks. The body of the tracks is higher than the ones of the old siding tracks.
    If I´m right they are preparing everything for longer and heavier trains in Germany.