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    Congo Explosions Again Raise Chinese Worker Safety Concerns


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Sunday, a fire reportedly caused several large explosions in the capital of Congo, killing hundreds of people. Six Chinese workers also died in the blasts, again raising concerns about the safety of Chinese workers abroad.

    On Sunday, a series of large explosions rocked Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo in Africa. A government spokesperson said a fire caused by an electrical short circuit reached a weapons depot in one of several military camps situated in the city.

    Hundreds of people were reportedly killed by the blasts, including six Chinese workers from the Beijing Construction Engineering Group. Many more were injured or remained trapped under the debris.

    A Congolese official, who asked to remain anonymous, said the government had promised to move all munitions depots outside the city after a similar explosion three years ago. On Sunday evening, the government again said all arms depots would be moved out of the capital.


    [Zhang Jianzhong, Founder of Anti-corruption Volunteers Website]:
    "The security of overseas Chinese workers is an imminent issue. Chinese interest groups regard workers as tools for profit. When workers die or get injured, their compensation is far below the international standard."


    [Bian Hexiang, Chairman, Coalition of Guards for American Values]:
    "The CCP likes to be friends with authoritarian governments, including military governments. It seeks only to extend its autocratic rule. If alone in the world, it cannot maintain its authoritarian rule, so it assists lingering dictators in return for mutual support."

    Small explosions continued in Brazzaville on Monday, as rescue workers attempted to contain a second fire that threatened another local arms depot.