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    Barcode Gary Vaynerchuk


    by Scott_Blake

    This is my Barcode Gary Vaynerchuk portrait made with 2,440 barcodes. Each barcode is taken from a bottle of wine Gary has reviewed on his video blog, “Wine Library TV.” I created an interactive interface so people can scan the barcodes and it will play a short clip of Gary talking about the corresponding wine.

    Gary has a very positive and outgoing personality. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious, which influenced the design of the portrait. I gave the barcodes an upward lift, which mimics the shape of a wine bottle, and is meant to provoke a smile from whomever views it.

    The mosaic includes several hidden “Easter Egg” barcodes. For instance, one plays a special clip of Gary tasting wine on the Conan O’Brien show and another shows a viral video of the Grape Lady Epic Fall.

    You can also scan the barcodes with a smartphone and it will tell you more information about the wine.