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    PlayStation Vita to Utilize PlayStation Plus


    by TheGamerAccess

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    PlayStation Plus has proven itself as a valuable subscription service for the PS3 that many gamers have requested to be utilized on the PlayStation Vita. While a majority of the PlayStation Minis and PSOne Classics currently offered through PlayStation Plus are compatible on the PlayStation Vita, the lack of Vita-exclusive titles and DLC has many PlayStation Vita adopters eagerly anticipating the service to expand to the portable platform. While nothing has been publicly confirmed up to this point, I provide an inside scoop as to what I have heard recently that will likely turn this vision into reality.

    Imagine being able to obtain full-featured PlayStation Vita titles as well as downloadable content at a discounted rate and even free similar to what is being done on the PlayStation 3. This will further improve the current value offered by PlayStation Plus and will likely spike more interest in the subscription service for those who have yet to adopt.

    This would also open up the opportunity for Sony to offer PlayStation Cloud services on the Vita platform removing the requirement to connect the Vita to a PlayStation 3 or PC to back up your game saves and content. Anyone who takes a strong interest in mobile platforms understands the importance of a strong cloud-based storage service and this may open the opportunity on the PlayStation Vita. Watch as I explain what I have heard and let me know what you think in the comment section.