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Wastrels Vaettir Farm HM Sin Mes Ele

6 years ago80 views

Farming Vaettirs in HM using Sin Mesmer and Ele.


Template Code: OwVUI2h5lPT8I6MHQsiyA3U2gmAA
He's wearing his usual armour with Sup Shadow Mask, Sup Vig, a caster axe (+5e +20% ench) and shield (+10 arm v earth, +45HP ench)


Template code: OQdUAMhOqPT8I6MGAHQsiyA3U2gA
He's wearing max armour with Blessed insignias, Sup Dom mask, Sup Vig with minor Insp and Fast Cast. Caster sword (+5e +20% ench) and shield (+10 arm v earth, +45HP ench)


Template Code: OgVFI7U4kML0Xl0n2QqoMwNlNoBA
She's wearing Geomancer armour with Sup Earth headset, Sup Vig, Sup Energy and minor Air. Caster sword (+5e +20% ench) and Galigords Scroll (+1 Earth 20% +30HP). If your not using geomancers you may want to use a +10 arm v earth shield. Note i like enough points in Air for 2 uses of my Glyph.

Use another Sin enchant if you don't have GDA for -5 dmg

Originally uploaded to youtube Oct 2010