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ClixSense is trusted and paying site. They always pay on time. ClixSense is growing, it has over 1.500.000 members.
Before you join, read more of this ClixSense review!

Online since:
ClixSense is online and paying since February 2007

Pays per click:
$0.001-$0.02 ($0.01)

Pays per referral click:
Type of ad Standard Premium
Micro $0.0002 $0.0004
Mini $0.0010 $0.0020
Standard $0.0020 $0.0040
Extended $0.0040 $0.0080

Ads per day:
10-20 (Geo-targeted, so it will vary, depending on your location.)

Average daily earnings without referrals:

Referral levels:
8 levels

Number of referrals:

Commission per referral signup:
Standard: none
Premium: $0.25 (after $1.00 in Click Earnings)

Commission per referral purchase:
Standard: 10% up to $1.00 (limit per referral: $50.00)
Premium: 10% up to $2.00 (limit per referral: $100.00)

Commission per referral upgrades:
1st level: $2.00 per upgrade
2nd-8th level: $1.00 per upgrade (Only for Premium members.)

Upgrade price of ClixSense:
Premium membership: $14.95 for one year

Minimum payout:
$10.00 AlertPay, PayPal, Liberty Reserve
$10.00 check (United States, Canada, Mexico)
$100.00 check (rest of the World)

Payout frequency:
weekly (AlertPay, PayPal, Liberty Reserve)
montly (check)

Restricted countries:
China, Vietnam, Bangladesh

Account suspended after inactivity:
90 days

ClixGrid: win $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 or $5.00

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Make Money - clixSense - How to work Comment ca marc...