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    Lifestyle Europe. In this edition: A New Winter Sport Trend - Splitboards are all the rage this winter. You can use them both as snowboards and also take them apart to make two skis.
    Per Zennstr?m is a Swedish photographer, filmmaker and director who makes videos for famous fashion labels. He enjoys experimenting with the latest techniques and has worked with German fashion designer Michael Sontag. In Germany - Author Bernd Imgrund has travelled through Germany by motorcycle looking for places he recommends visitors should visit. His 101 top locations are now featured in a new book. Welter is a Berlin company that produces high quality wallpaper. It uses unusual materials like steel and marble dust and its creations have even decorated the stage for the Academy Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles. The annual carnival in Nice in southern France is a huge tourist magnet. It is one of the largest worldwide and lasts for around two weeks.