Hong Kong Chief Executive Faces Corruption Hearing

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Hong Kong's Chief Executive went before a hearing at the former British colony's Legislative Council yesterday. Donald Tsang is being investigated for corruption allegations regarding his dealings with Mainland businessmen.

Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, went before a hearing on Thursday amid allegations of corruption. It comes just one month before elections in the Special Administrative Region.

Editor of Hong Kong's "Open" magazine, Choi Wing-mui, says Hong Kong's media has played a role in exposing suspicious actions from Donald Tsang.

[Choi Wing-mui, Hong Kong Open Magazine Editor]:
"Major Hong Kong media outlets have seen increasing penetration from mainland China. But the freedom of the press still essentially remains. So, a lot of inside stories can be unearthed once they were published in newspapers or exposed by news media."

Inside stories such as alleged misconduct relating to Tsang's dealings with businessman Wong Cho-bau.

Wong is a mainland Chinese businessman, a member of the CCP's Political Consultative Conference and a major shareholder of the Digital Broadcasting Group in Hong Kong. It was discovered that Tsang was leasing a ten thousand square foot penthouse apartment from Wong in Donghai Garden in Shenzhen. Rent for the property is estimated at over 23 thousand US dollars per month. Tsang now faces the accusation that he accepted the apartment as a favor from Wong in exchange for issuing broadcasting licenses issued to Wong's company in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's chief executive is elected by the 1200 member Legislative Council. It's mostly made up of wealthy businessmen and they must be approved by Beijing.

Choi says this lack of universal suffrage has led to inevitable corruption.