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    John Petrucci - Day of Rock


    by chromeball

    Lots of different thigs have their own day, but Rock music doesn't. We started this initiative to change that. The Day of Rock isn't a concert or a festival, it's a celebration. It's the union of all of us who love rock music, to finally celebrate rock the way it's meant to be.

    But it cannot happen without you! All of you!

    There's a lot of us out there who love this kind of music, it even affects most of our lives. Let's show how many of us are out there, let's show that Rock deserves it's own day.

    You have nothing else to do, just celebrate the Day of Rock on June 16th.

    Schools, work places, all the radios should be filled with the sound of rock! Talk about it, and celebrate it on your favourite rock band's concert that night! It depends on you whether this genre's going to have it's on day of celebration or not, because it could only grow to be a real celebration if all of you, who love Rock music keep it. This is for you! This is about you!