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    Gratitude Heartbeats


    by lettersofgratitude

    Welcome to The Letters Of Gratitude's World GratitudeHeartBeat Counter™ at
    Now you have the opportunity to be involved in the World movement of Gratitude.
    Its so simple! Monitor your happy heartbeats through out the day. Submit them to the World Gratitude HeartBeat Counter™ and watch World Gratitude grow! It's powerful and fun. Get your whole family involved.
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    Username: Grateful and Password: Heart
    Share your Happy heart beats of gratitude through The Letters of Gratitude.

    To calculate your heartbeats simply take every minute you do an act of gratitude and multiply by 100 heartbeats to a maximum of 10,000 grateful heartbeats a day. 30 mins of gratitude - 3000 happy heartbeats 60 mins of gratitude - 6000 happy heartbeats etc up to 10000 HHB