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    by victiffany2

    VIC TIFFANY HAS BEEN ONE OF THE FINEST GENTLEMEN TO PASS THROUGH MCC!!! Vic Tiffany has been one of the finest gentlemen to pass through MCC. He was always on time, dressed appropriately, asked intelligent questions, and generally had the highest or one of the highest scores on each exam. He did so well on his exams that he earned entry into Mu Sigma Alpha national honor society. Vic was a willing worker on class activities and always admired by his fellow students. He is a credit to the human race and we are proud that he is an alumnus of our program.

    HE IS A GREAT GUY!!! I have known Vic for many years. He is a great guy and extremely friendly.

    - Becky T.

    VIC IS HONEST!!! Vic is an honest and integrous individual.

    CARING!!! Honesty, integrity and caring.