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    Billy Ankle

    by Billy Ankle

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    Laventure Alix
    Great Video
    Black female muscle is very beautiful.
    By Laventure Alix3 years ago
    very gorgeous
    By bearscapo233 years ago
    Billy Ankle
    Her muscles really did look very hot here. Her dark velvety skin tone made all the ultra lean dense muscle stand out beautifully. The lush bulge of her strikingly well developed biceps as seen from the rear is so arousing and mesmerizing I could watch it contract and relax for ages and get incredibly turned on by it.

    Her shapely glutes make her booty look properly sexy. She got shape all over. You can tell she loves muscle too by the way she stares intently at herself whilst flexing. she would be great to fuck. imagine watching those abs tensing as you pump her and holding her thick hard thighs as you pulled her closer and went deep into her and grasping her firm smooth ass. She would flex her big biceps as you made love to her and you would kiss the peak of the rock sold muscle and grope it. you could oil her entire body up and spend hours running your hands all over the hard contours of her physique
    By Billy Ankle3 years ago
    Absolutely incredible body!! Some of the best abs and "split-peak" biceps in the history of female bodybuilding. Donna wasn't on the bodybuilding scene that long, but she sure has left a lasting impression!
    By 179cpv3 years ago