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    Mantras Sacred Words of Power - Purusha Suktam - Sanskrit Spiritual


    by MusicAndChants

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    1. Ganapathi Dyanam
    2. Purusa Suktam
    3. Durga Suktam
    4. Narasimhastakam
    5. Sri Raghu Veera Gadyam
    6. Soorya Gayathri
    7. Adithya Hridayam
    8. Kaliya Mardanam
    9. Sri Lakshmi Havagriva Stotram
    10. Sudarsana Mantra
    11. Mahalakshmi Mantra
    12. Shodashayudha Stotram
    13. Ayyapa Pancharatnam
    14. Hanuman Bhujangam
    Sanskrit, 'the language of India's soul', is the only language in which sound, word and meaning are one. In Sanskrit, the meanings of fundamental roots of words are not arbitrary. The sages discovered them through intuition. The mantras in Sanskrit have the capacity to transform the devotee by putting him directly in touch with the divne powers. In this album, rare mantras and powerful hymns that bring the blessings of life are rendered authentically by famous artistes