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    Chants and Mantras - Sri Mahaganadhi Pathaye Namaha - Sanskrit Spiritual


    by MusicAndChants

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    1. Om Chanting
    2. Sri Mahaganadhi Pathaye Namaha
    3. Krishna Gayathri
    4. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10
    5. Sri Lalitha Gayathri
    6. Sri Lalitha Trisathi Namavalli
    7. Mahalakshmi Asktakam
    8. Raja Rajeshwari Asktakam
    9. Soorya Gayathri
    The ancient sages of India unlocked the secrets life for humanity. Their wisdom is embodied in the great mantras which they have given us. The greatest of these is the single syllable 'Om', which is the first name of God. It is the primal vibration that emanated in the process of creation. Chanting of Om, the queen of all mantras and their source as well, restores the spiritual balance of the individual and brings peace and strength. The ganapati mantra, Krishna Gayatri matra, Lalita Gayatri mantra and Surya Gayatri mantra are again powerful chants that brings success, wisdom, health and prosperity to as paints. Another special feature of this album is a rendering of the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the Vibhooti yoga in which Lord Krishna speaks of His manifestations in the world. A remarkable array of divine vibrations await you in this excellent album.