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    Mantra Vibrations - Isavasaya - Sanskrit Spiritual


    by MusicAndChants

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    1. Sri Mahaganadhi Pathaye Namaha
    2. Vathaphi Ganapathim
    3. Isavasya
    4. Hayagriva Gayathri
    5. Lakshmi Hayagriva Stotra
    6. Purusa suktam
    7. Sri Raghu Veera Gadyam
    8. Dhanvantri Gayathri
    9. Pratyangira Mantras
    10. Hanuman Gayatri
    11. Aasirwadha Mantra
    Sabda or sound is described in the scriptures as the cause of the universe and the manifestation of the power of supreme consciousness (chit-shakti). When the aspirant unites with the mantra-shakti, he unites with the supreme being itself. The subtlest mantra sounds captured in this album are divine channels that connect the seeker with constructive energies and awaken him to a higher consciousness. Success, health, prosperity and spiritual illumination are the rewards of these mantras.