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    Cyclist Survives Near-Fatal Crash in Ningbo


    by NTDTelevision

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    A cyclist in East China was hit by a cement truck on Saturday, and survived. He is now recovering in a hospital, but has no memory of what happened.

    A cyclist miraculously survived a collision with a cement truck on Saturday in East China's Zhejiang Province.

    A surveillance camera in Ningbo district shows a white cement truck hitting a cyclist as he crossed the road on an electric bicycle. The cyclist, Huang, and his bike were both caught under the truck, which continued for another 30 feet before it stopped.

    Huang was taken to a hospital with multiple injuries, and there was little left of his bike.

    [Chen Yusi, Doctor, Ningbo Hospital]:
    "Huang suffers from multiple injuries, with wounds on his head and neck from the accident. The cartilage in his throat is also bruised."

    Huang is now in a stable condition, but cannot remember exactly how the accident happened.

    The cause of the accident is being investigated.