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    Hebei Chemical Plant Explosion Victim in Stable, but Critical Condition


    by NTDTelevision

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    More than a dozen people are dead after a chemical explosion in northern China. And two days later, one man is struggling for his life, with severe burns and injuries. Some of the following images may be disturbing for some viewers.

    One man is in stable but critical condition after suffering serious burns and injuries at a chemical plant explosion Tuesday. It happened at the Hebei Zhaoxian Keeper Chemical Company in Zhaoxian County in Hebei Province. The plant mostly produces pesticides.

    Lu Liqiang is one of five seriously injured victims. He went into shock after arriving at the hospital.

    After four hours of emergency treatment, Lu showed stable vital signs, however his condition remains critical due to multiple injuries.

    Lu's physician-in-charge says that 15 percent of Lu's skin has been burned and he has fractures in his tibia and face.

    [Zhang Qingfu, Lu's Physician-in-Charge]:
    "The most difficult part of the treatment is the deep chemical burns sustained to the head and face as those parts have been corroded by strong acid for quite a long time. This has been worsened by the tissue damage caused by the explosion, so the repair work for the injuries and tissues will be difficult during future treatments."

    As of Wednesday, the chemical plant explosion has killed 16 people and injured 40 others.