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    Growing up in a mining town in Western Australia had its musical limitations, but was an excellent setting for a childhood spent passively listening to Eric Clapton, The Police , Archie Roach and other legends the adults in Hailey's life were into. Throw in Walt Disney's musical feature films and a kid's interest in singing could be sparked.

    Entering Western Australia's Pilbara Music Festival in 1998 introduced Hailey to performing for large audiences at a young age. Despite having the nerves of a green performer (not helped by frequently singing songs accapella to a packed hall) she went on to receive many 'Outstanding' adjudications over three years of entering in various categories.

    Musically matured, and realizing you can't sing accapella forever, Hailey took piano lessons but the instrument itself never took to her. After moving to Brisbane City and having her eyes and ears opened to the likes of Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and rediscovering Clapton, she picked up the guitar her father had bought hoping that someday it would get played. And it did.
    After a diploma in Music Performance, Hailey's interest moved from reimagining other people's songs to writing her own. Through performing them at such Brisbane singer/songwriter venues as The Basement, The Loft, Glass and The Globe Theatre, demand grew for a CD people could buy at shows. Having no financial backing, Hailey saved the money to record, master and manufacture an EP. "Before the After", a monster 8 track E.P was created, the CD has been a huge hit, fans finally able to take the songs they loved home with them after a show. The E.P will soon go into second print and press, and is now available on iTunes.

    Hailey's sound has been described as folk/blues, and her live performances are honest and vibrant. She owns a sweet and breathy voice to one with a powerful blues punch, and every texture in between. Just apply that same description to her guitar playing, and you have the complete package.

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