boulder ddash - on the road again

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This song is from the album "Alien Folk Trash" by Boulder dDash, released on the austrian label Angelika Köhlermann.

artist biography : "Teenage kicks! Boulder dDash is the musical side project of JB Hanak, guitar-player in French avant-rock-group dDamage. JB created a monster that grew too big to stay in his Paris-based homestudio. It crept out of its cave and made its way to Vienna's AK headquarters, leaving his alien-marks all over the land. Imagine Syd Barrett meeting Aphex Twin at a Dinosaur Jr. gig and you get a slight idea of what this album sounds like -- acoustic guitar sounds colliding with strange custom-made electronic instruments, and vocals of unbelievable melancholy."

This album is available on Forced Exposure distribution :

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