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    Create Time: What To Do With An Extra Hour Per Day?


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    How many email do you have in your inbox? And how much time do you waste on scrolling through your inbox, reading, re-reading and re-re-reading your email? Do you feel like a re-active fire fighter rather than a pro-active business builder? Do you add extra hours to your already busy day to deal with all the email?

    Today we live in a myth that email overload is something you have to live with, that you can't change. But this is a mistake. There is no excuse not to master your inbox, to control your email.

    If you are fed up with your current email overload and if you are ready to tackle this issue for once and for all, we have developed a series of free videos that will help you in this challenge. Please fill out your name and email and we are more than happy to send you this information.