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Mina Soto is currently settled in Austin Texas, writing, performing every opportunity and simply continuing to develop. With music in her background and blood, she is establishing a sound and maintaining a connection to the local Indie music scene in El Paso, TX.

Mina had been working on her musical instruments well before the opportunity of her first project with a 6 piece group "The Crowd, The Town, and Everyone" .With several songs lined up the intent was for Mina to contribute her vocals to the harmonies on already developed and complete tunes. As the chemistry grew, she was asked to try lead vocals on several main tunes, and it was with CT&E that the development on her said to be unique vocal sound began.

Soon after the disperse of 'The Crowd' Mina continued learning and covering songs from her most influential artists and tested the YouTube Channel as means to get a feel for her performance & sound. With positive reviews to her covers, including, a winning cover contest video, she began uploading her original songs. Mina's since established a loyal group of followers on her Youtube Channel that have taught her the yes and k(no)ws and the where to gos, as the learning process continues and she develops her craft and sound.

It was through YouTube and performances with 'The Crowd' that Mina was looking for a next step and was approached with an outlet. With an opportunity to develop her songwriting skill, the collaboration and contribution of her songs as the main structure to her next project, the band Giraffe(s) began. Here, she was able to continue to refine what is sure to be called a signature sound. With Acoustic strums, Electric Bends, Stomps, Lap Steels, Slides, Brushes and Sticks, Harmonies and Heartbreak, "Three Feathers" is the result and the first album recorded in several home studios and produced by the members themselves with help from close friends.. The 5 song EP is available on Digital Distribution sites such as iTunes and Cdbaby.com

Moving away and taking in the realms of a long distance band, Mina is now working on a continuing Solo album entitled 'Good Town', Beginnings of recording are in the early stages, and Mina can be found playing around Austin often and every few months, a sleuth of shows in El Paso, Texas.