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    Acoustic blues guitar lessons - Love In Vain - Learn Acoustic Blues Guitar

    Jim Bruce

    par Jim Bruce

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    Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

    Blues guitar lessons - Nothing cuts it for me like the old acoustic blues guitar and my lessons explore many styles from Texas to the Delta, including the inimitable Robert Johnson.

    Blues finger picking has definite styles and each have their place. The Texas and Delta blues monotonic bass pattern gives a great feeling of low down dirty times, while the alternating bass picking pattern of the Piedmont ragtime sound lifts the spirit and is rather playful!

    Learning blues guitar is a fascinating and rewarding thing to do - expressing your feelings with the blues is one of the basic forms of communication and we'll never lose it.

    Follow me as I develop my passion for teaching acoustic blues guitar - keep it real!

    Peace and love, Jim Bruce

    Jim Bruce
    Jim's Youtube Channel

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