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    Reflection App Review & Tutorial


    by docrock808

    Reflection( is a Mac App that allows you to AirPlay mirror and iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to your computer wirelessly.

    Reflection App is perfect for demoing iOS Apps on a Mac computer running Lion over AirPlay mirroring from iOS 5. Use your favorite screen capture application to record the video and upload it to your site or YouTube.

    Reflection can be used to play your iOS Applications and Games on your computers screen. I used it to play TripleTown on a Sony 55 HDTV( wirelessly using my MacMini Home Theater PC( Reflections even hold up to racing and sports games.

    Reflections can wrap your screen capture in beautiful device specific wrappers. It ships with both iPhone and iPad skins and just by hitting cmd-B you can toggle it on and off.

    Reflection App (

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