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    Illusionology Disappearing Dots Trick

    Candlewick Press

    by Candlewick Press

    68 views Learn how to do the Disappearing Dots trick featured in the latest Ology book Illusionology!

    Illusionology by Albert Schafer
    Can you trust your eyes? The newest discovery in the 'Ology series amazes and thrills as the closely guarded secrets of the illusionologists are revealed!

    Do you wonder how Harry Houdini performed his amazing escapes? Are you burning to learn the art of making a beautiful woman appear to levitate? Look closely, for the secrets of the world's most famous magicians and illusionists - from the ancient Egyptians through the early twentieth century "Handcuff King" himself - are contained within! More than a fascinating history of magic through the ages, Illusionology is an indispensable guide unveiling step-by-step instructions for more than twenty-five astonishing feats.