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    Warmth and Energy of Shen Yun Touches District Assemblyman


    by NTDTelevision

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    And Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company continues its Asia tour in South Korea. The spiritual nature of Shen Yun's hallmark, classical Chinese dance, has impressed a district assembly member, who says everyone should see the show to "forget their worries". Shen Yun will tour Korea until March 4th, and NTD is a sponsor of Shen Yun at some of its venues.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts continues its world tour in Daegu, South Korea. They performed at the Suseong Artpia theater.

    Seongmahn Kim is a district assembly member of the Ulsan area, and was struck by the spiritual energy of the show.

    [Seongmahn Kim, Ulsan District Assembly Member]:
    "I enjoyed the show with all my heart. This show is different from others because all the performers are full of energy in their bodies and minds. So the audience feels fascinated by the show."

    Mr. Kim was impressed by the final dance "Before Disaster, the Divine is Rescuing."

    [Seongmahn Kim, Ulsan District Assembly Member]:
    "... I was so happy that Falun Gong practitioners finally got the blessing, the God's call, in the last dance. I think, for people who haven't watched this show yet, please come here and watch the show. You will feel its energy and warmth."

    [Seongmahn Kim, Ulsan District Assembly Member]:
    "I felt warmth during the last dance. Because Falun Gong practitioners were together with Gods -- they are good people, aren't they? So good people get rewards from their upright mind. This is so true."

    [Seongmahn Kim, Ulsan District Assembly Member]:
    "I want everyone to see the show and have the chance to forget their worries. Thank you so much!"

    Shen Yun will have shows in Daegu until Tuesday, February 28th.

    NTD News, Daegu, South Korea