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    iPhone Smuggling in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Bootlegged Apple products have been spreading like wildfire throughout China. But that doesn't mean every iPhone is a fake. Increasingly, iPhones are being smuggled in to Mainland China. And the smugglers are getting pretty creative.

    Apple's new iPhone 4S and its electronic helper Siri has become a serious smuggling problem in China. PRON:(Siri and Serious start with the same pronunciation)

    Smugglers are frequently busted trying to illegally sneak the smartphone into Mainland China. The reason -- the iPhone 4S sells for $125 dollars cheaper in Hong Kong. Smugglers try to make a quick buck buying the phone there and selling it in the Mainland.

    This is the Luohu District of Shenzhen, a port of entry where authorities have been battling increasingly inventive methods of smartphone smuggling. Since the beginning of the year, over 3000 phones have been seized, in a total of 231 cases.

    In this recent footage from February 21st, a man attempts to pass through customs with 30 iPhones tied to his waist and ankles. Customs officials noticed something was amiss when the man couldn't bend down to pick up his suitcase.

    About 250,000 travelers pass through here everyday. Customs officials have seen some pretty clever tricks.

    [Wang Weixin, Luohu Customs Officials]:
    "Look at the shirt, six internal pockets were sewn into it with three iPhones stuffed into each, so 18 phones can be held inside. And if we look at this pair of shoes, a man hid stainless steel plates in his shoe soles, and stuffed four iPhones inside."

    Ironically, it's here in Shenzhen that iPhones are made.

    When NTD asked Siri for her take on the smuggling, she answered, "No comment."