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    Interrupted by OLDŘICH JANOTA - the Czech renowned song-writer and experimental musician :)

    The LONGITAL duo is one of the most recognized Slovak bands not only in their homeland, but also in the Central Europe. They were among winners of the Ableton remix contest in 2006, receiving a „Top ten" award for remix of Coldcut's "Everything Is Under Control".

    Daniel Salontay and Shina formed the band in 2001. They met in 1997 in the US. From the US they returned to Slovakia as a couple and two years later they started to work together on their own music, which would later become the base repertoire for the band.

    In early 2001 they decided to focus on music full-time, recorded two albums, and named the band after the place where they live, the hill "Dlhe Diely" in Bratislava. This place is on the border of three Central European countries and it has been a natural crossroads of cultures, which influenced the band in their eclectic multi-genre approach.

    When the band started to perform further in the West, they decided - after 5 years of existence and 5 albums - to adapt the name to international and English speaking audience, and change the band's name to "Longital", the historical name of the hill and the band's residence.

    Along with the first recordings Shina and Salontay launched their own music label Slnko Records, which had soon gained respect in the music community and business, and grew steadily to became today's foremost and the biggest independent label in Slovakia.

    Longital has gained a reputation of most travelled and export ready band from Slovakia. So far the band has toured 12 European countries and US. In March 2010 Longital entered the US indie scene from the most desirable point, when the band was invited by the South by Southewest festival in Austin (SXSW). Three performances at the festival and short tour of the US. On tours Longital prefer trains, having shortest possible carbon footprint, keeping their vintage guitars safe on the board and enjoying the time spent together.

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