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    Heavy guitars, a funky twist, light vocals but now there's angry screaming, the heaviest handed drummer in the world and a red head with a sweet sounding bass; it must be Dave's Pawn Shop."

    Bored of this decade of music. Bored of its monotonous nature; as much of today's music has become the subject to materialism and over production. Then imagine if you will a band, a band that has within it the... best parts of music from the last 50 odd years. This band is Dave's Pawn Shop a band who makes it their goal to not subject themselves to over production and the all too familiar attitude of making music for the money. DPS has made it their goal in today's world to take the music we love and not cover it but rather pay homage to the greats by re-inventing and re building the music that we all love, rock. Rock that has no guidelines but is rather a personification of the human condition through the screaming guitars, thundering drums and emotionally scathed vocals. Dave's Pawn Shop is here to start the new decade, here to bring back genre's that many of us hold so close to our hearts but bring them back with modern components and bring them back stronger t hen ever.

    Dave's Pawn Shop is an amalgamation of four experienced young lads: Jake (Jizzles) Roderique, Sean Thomas (Regal), Dale (Dangles) Prinsse and James Dimick (Tui) all of which attend the Gold Coast conservatorium of music. Each with their own musical roots and influences they have come together to bring their own two cents to the drawing board. The lads all stick by the same attitude where anything is rock as long as you have a guitar and drums. The attitude that genres are restricting and should only be used as an explanation for a sound not a creative guideline. DPS attains influences such as: Tool, The Foo Fighters, Alice in chains, Nirvana, Rage against the machine, Deftones, Led Zeppelin, Earth wind fire, Incubus, Pink Floyd and just way way way too many others to list. Jake Roderique and Sean Thomas head the creative side of the music and with their fellow band mates bring these ideas to the performing arena. Dale Prinsse and James Dimick create a wall of sound with their tight bass and rhythm section. Sometimes straying into the funk and alternative spectrum Daves Pawn shops music has a depth that will not only get the crowd moving with their danceable tunes but also thinking, (with their feet of course).!/pages/Daves-Pawn-Shop/175273172522791?sk=wall

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