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    My musical journey started when I was 9 and started playing guitar and started writing songs right away. When I was 15 I discovered Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell, and later fell inlove with world music (ravi shankar, indian music, bulgarian voices, sufi music) and most recently, psychedelic chill out and electronic artists like ASURA, rena jones, carbon based lifeforms, solar fields, Hol baumann, Helios, Sérgio walgood, Filteria, uasca).
    I also play didgeridoo, a bit of sitar, and percussion.
    I also love to use the loop station, and create ambiences, textures, prayers, layers, sceneries, xamanic mystical sound journeys just using the loop station and voice harmonies.

    My songs are my prayers, and I see my musical journey as dreamwalking pilgrimage, in which dreams, journeys, love and life's transformations play a huge part and guide me.

    When I was 18 I was included in a national compilation called OPTIMUS 2001, and this opened to doors to many big festivals in Portugal like VILAR DE MOUROS 2001 , and SUDOESTE 2002.

    In 2003 I opened for PORTISHEAD's Beth Gibbons in the Lisbon and Porto coliseums for 3000 people.

    I played in ANDANÇAS festival in 2005 and 2006, and in the SACRED FIRE stage in BOOM festival in 2006 and 2008.

    In 2005 I started to travel for the love of adventure, expansion and magic, and spent some time in Barcelona and eventually moved to London in 2006.

    In England I collaborated with Jamie Woon, Orchid Star, I played in THE SYNERGY PROJECT in november 2005, march 2006, november 2006, october 2006, in the SUNRISE CELEBRATION in 2006 and also the INSPIRAL LOUNGE in Camden in 2008, and also SMALL WORLD SOLAR FESTIVAL may 2008, and SECRET GARDEN PARTY in 2009. In 2009 I also attended the SOAS world music summer school, and did workshops on south indian vocals and bulgarian singing.

    I have also collaborated with the world music hinduistanic music project of sitar and tablas ALAP in two tracks in their albums, with TERRAKOTA, have sung with SARA TAVARES in an all female accappela musical night of Terrakota covers, and have collaborated with the chill out psychedelic projects AMBIENS INDAGES ( we played in the SYNERGY PROJECT in 2006, FREEDOM festival 2007, and in the chill out of BOOM festival 2008).

    I am now collaborating with Sérgio walgood in a electronic-chill out project.

    I am currently studying singing and music in the Lisbon music academy and doing a SOUND degree in university.

    I am an eternal apprentice of yoga, shamanism and druidry and visionary art and mystical poetry and my main inspirations.

    Since 2008 I have been facilitating "healing through singing" workshops, and I also do sound healing journeys with several collaborators, using mostly didgeridoos, tibetan bowls, gongs and voice.

    I did some music for AMÁLGAMA dance group in 2008 for the show "Alegria das Rosas".

    From 2007 to 2009 I collaborated with Projecto Sinergia in Portugal, organizinig events of art, music, environmental education, active citizenship to expand and tighten the web of co-creating and cooperation in order to create abundance, not profit, and focus on environmental education and awareness.

    I love to travel and I want to travel with my music in the future and hope to expand my horizons, deepen my experience and contribute to the changes in the world, I hope I can be of service, and meet like-minded people, so we can co-create prayer fields and see them manifest in reality, living our dreams, and restoring the balance in our mother earth.

    My heroes are Amma (humanitarian spiritual leader) and Paul Watson, environmental activist, the founder of Sea Shepherd. check out their foundation to save wildlife, dolphins and whales -

    "Love still growing to the rhythm of the seasons
    a river running to where there's no more place for reason"

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