Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Big Comeback Short Edit Mix)

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This is probably one of the saddest videos i've ever made.
This song is considered to be a sad song but also with a positive note. A note of hope and faith in the future. At least that's the way i understand it. I found this mix with an alternate intro and also an acoustic outro but i didn't like it much... The outro was perfect but the intro was too long and repetitive, so i changed it and made a short version just by cutting off a few seconds of the intro... It was perfect. Now it just needed a fitting video.
For the video i wanted to keep the sad and hopeful tone of the song but i decided to associate the song to a much sadder event than a wedding. So, for this video i chose footage from a boy at his father's funeral. I was surprised how well the lyrics and the footage from the original video fit the new concept: Not a happy occasion like a wedding but a sad occasion like a funeral. I removed all the footage from the bride and only used the footage from the band.

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